ILSTMA Awards to Honor the Achievements of Our Members

We never forget about the people who share our passion for turf. This includes our members, as well as students who are pursuing this field of study. This is why the Illinois Sports Turf Managers Association presents awards and scholarships each year. Following is a list of our awards and winners, as well as applications for ILSTMA awards:

ILSTMA Field of the Year

The Purpose

By sponsoring this award program, our association wishes to promote sports fields and facilities of exceptional safety, quality, and beauty. Specifically, we aim:

  • To recognize a sports turf facility that is managed with a high degree of excellence.
  • To show appreciation for individual professional efforts, leading to an exceptional degree of maintenance and quality appearance of the field/facility
  • To inspire and challenge those responsible for maintenance of sports turf to achieve greater levels of excellence


How TO apply

  • Complete this online form before December 31st deadline
  • Answer all questions completely
  • Certain questions are to be answered in narrative form
  • Upload required photographs in the online application in a single .zip folder


Any application that does not meet the eligibility criteria, has not been completed properly, or is submitted past the deadline, may not be considered. The Awards Committee will evaluate each application received. The Awards Committee will consist of three ILSTMA Board Members. The winner will be presented with a plaque and shirts for their staff at our Winter Workshop in February.


In order to be eligible for the ILSTMA Field & Facility Award:

  • Must be an active member in good standing.
  • Must be professionally engaged in and responsible for the maintenance of the sports field/facility described on the application form.
  • Have a facility that is at least two (2) years old.
  • The field is not eligible for submittal if an ILSTMA Board Member, representing the agency, sits on the ILSTMA Awards Committee.
  • Only natural grass surfaces/fields will be accepted.
  • Limit to 1 entry per Agency/Organization per year
  • In an effort of inclusiveness previous winning fields/facilities must wait 3 years before re-submission is allowed.  Note: an individual turf manager may be eligible if submitting for a different field/facility


photograph criteria

Include 15-30 high quality photos in digital format in a single .zip folder

Your photos should include:

  • Picture(s) of the sidelines
  • Picture(s) of the center of the field(s)
  • Picture(s) of the staff/crew working with equipment on the field
  • Picture(s) of the field/facility in use
  • For soccer, picture(s) of goal areas, if applicable
  • For football, picture(s) of hash marks, if applicable
  • For baseball/softball, picture(s) of dugouts and bullpens, if applicable
  • All photos should be dated and include brief captions
  • Photos should reflect the current year of submission unless otherwise noted
  • Videos are not accepted at this time


2019 Winner - Belvidere C.U.S.D. 100 Funderburg Stadium

Jameson Wilcox - Turf Manager






President's Award


The ILSTMA President's Award is presented to individuals for outstanding contributions to the organization.


All ILSTMA members in good standing are eligible for the President's Award.

Nomination Process

If you would like to nominate someone for the award, contact us at [email protected]. Include the name of the nominee and the contributions to the continued success of the ILSTMA.

2019 Winner - Noel Brusius - Waukegan Park District







Scholarship Awards


The Illinois Sports Turf Managers Association's objective is the collection and dissemination of scientific, educational, and applied knowledge through association with those persons engaged in and concerned with the construction, maintenance, and use of sports turf areas for superior playing conditions. As part of this mission, we offer a scholarship program. Scholarships are intended to help enable members pay for Illinois or national annual membership dues.


Any ILSTMA member in good standing is eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Types of Scholarships

  • A scholarship to help cover the cost of becoming a member of the National STMA.

  • A scholarship to cover the cost of the ILSTMA membership dues.

How to Apply

Fill in our online application form.  Applications are due by Nov. 30 of each year.

Contact us today to nominate a turf professional or a sports field for one of our awards. We proudly serve professionals from all segments of the sports turf industry throughout the state of Illinois.