ILSTMA Field & Facility Award Application Instructions

  • Complete this online form before December 31st deadline
  • Answer all questions completely
  • Certain questions are to be answered in narrative form
  • Submit required photographs via email or shared cloud folder to
    • If using Dropbox or Google Drive, please grant sharing permission to so that the folder can be shared amongst the Awards Committee judges.  ILSTMA will not share your photos outside of the ILSTMA Board or for any purposes other than judging without your permission

Terms & Conditions Agreement: I certify that this form, accompanying information and photos, are accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the material may not be returned to me and may be used in the ILSTMA newsletter and at ILSTMA events.

Any application that does not meet the eligibility criteria, has not been completed properly, or is submitted past the deadline, may not be considered. The Awards Committee will evaluate each application received. The Awards Committee will consist of three ILSTMA Board Members. The winner will be presented with a plaque and shirts for their staff at our Winter Workshop in February.


- Include 15-30 high quality photos in digital format (either a .zip folder can be sent via email or a cloud folder such as Dropbox or Google Drive can be shared with  See above for additional information on using Dropbox or Google Drive)

Your photos should include these shots:
- Picture(s) of the sidelines
- Picture(s) of the center of the field(s)
- Picture(s) of the staff/crew working with equipment on the field
- Picture(s) of the field/facility in use
- For soccer, picture(s) of goal areas, if applicable
- For football, picture(s) of hash marks, if applicable
- For baseball/softball, picture(s) of dugouts and bullpens, if applicable